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It was a beautiful day for a wedding outdoors at Moose Hollow Lodge.  Mackenzie and John is such a beautiful couple and we were honored to help them celebrate their Big Smoky Mountain Wedding. The Smoky Mountains set a beautiful backdrop to this Ceremony. After all, the set up of the garden with a beautiful gazebo surrounded by lush foliage accented it nicely. Of course it was the perfect time of year for an outdoor mountain wedding reception to go along with the garden ceremony.  Wedding festivities lasted well into the evening, as seen in the photos. Also, the outdoor area had beautiful lighting to spice up the celebration. 

Seeing a bride and groom having their dream mountain wedding and all of their guests having a great time makes all of our hard work worth while.

You too can have a magical Smoky Mountain wedding like this. We have recommended wedding planners and catering available to you. Please visit our Wedding Planning Page for more information.

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